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House Extensions and Loft Conversions in St Albans | Benefits for Local Homeowners

At BDH Builders, we know you might not have the time to work your way through thousands of words to get as far as the information you need. Unfortunately, when it comes to the construction of house extensions and loft conversions, there’s a large amount of information you need to know. Home renovations need some detailed explanation too and, if you want to transform outdoor space around your St Albans property, you’ll want to know a little more about driveways or garden patios too.


Our building contractors have a genuine passion for their work, and will happily spend the time it takes, when needed, to reassure customers in the St Albans area over the many different services we provide as a company.


For the purposes of this blog post, however, we provide you with all of the benefits of our key services in bullet list form. Should you wish to know anything else about house extensions and loft conversions, or about home renovations and refurbishments, please call us on 07875 699 820 and talk to our building contractors personally.


Alternatively, you can use the same number to talk to our hard landscapers about garden patios.


House Extensions


House extensions are physical builds for your St Albans home. You’ll have to use some of your property’s land to have one built and, in many cases, at the expense of one of our garden patios. What you’ll lose on the outside, however, you’ll gain on the inside. Loft conversions optimise indoor space, but house extensions capitalise on what you can lose outdoors.


Extensions are not home renovations, but our building contractors can renovate extensions if needed.


  • House extensions increase living space and property value
  • Clients in St Albans have an influence on the design
  • Often cheaper than a bigger mortgage with ROI potential
  • None of the costs or hassles associated with a house move
  • No planning permission needed on builds in certain styles
  • Chance to stay in a good neighbourhood or catchment area


Loft Conversions


Our building contractors meet a sizeable number of customers from the St Albans area each year who don’t have the outdoor space available for one of our house extensions, or who would prefer not to sacrifice lawns, driveways or garden patios in favour of room additions. We help them by transforming their underused attic space and building loft conversions.


Some customers tie up home renovations with loft conversions to optimise their portfolio value, and to have all of the work they need completed within the parameters of a single project.


  • Added living space in your St Albans home at a fair price
  • An increase in the resale value of your property
  • Planning permission not required with some designs
  • Use loft conversions as extra bedrooms or home offices
  • Choose from dormer, mansard or hip-to-gable designs
  • Less intrusion from builders than with house extensions


Home Renovations


Some customers in the St Albans area purchase properties in a state of dilapidation, and they use our building contractors to renovate them in the hope of either flipping a profit or turning their investments into habitable homes. We take on home renovations over single rooms, individual floors or entire properties, to include refurbishment and retrofitting.


We can renovate landscapes too, including driveways and garden patios. Investments with house extensions or loft conversions also fall under the remit of our building contractors when it comes to home renovations.


  • More comfort and practicality inside St Albans homes
  • Unique opportunity to make a quick return on investment
  • All safety and structural issues resolved
  • Original features preserved, repaired or retrofitted
  • A chance to modernise a home and its energy efficiency
  • Home renovations revive property interiors and exteriors


Garden Patios


This far, we have focused on what happens in terms of living space. House extensions and loft conversions add more room to the inside of St Albans homes, whereas home renovations focus on the physical interior and, sometimes, on the external rendering. Hard landscaping services from our building contractors focus on outdoor features such as garden patios.


At BDH Builders, we believe that there is no better way to get more from your indoor space than to extend it outdoors. Garden patios provide homes with an external living area for relaxing, socialising or soaking up the sunshine.


  • Have a personal outdoor space built to relax and unwind
  • Use garden patios as a place to entertain and socialise
  • Choose from a range of materials including block paving
  • Combine into a landscaping project for added resale value
  • Instantly boost the kerb appeal of your St Albans home
  • Add patio blinds and use your new feature all year round

If you live in St Albans and would like to know more about the benefits our building contractors can provide for you, please call us on 07875 699 820.