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Loft Conversions in Stevenage | Making Local Homes More Habitable

Before we start, you might find the heading above a little misleading. This page isn’t about loft conversions and loft conversions only. Our building contractors actually cover Stevenage with a much wider choice of services. We can, for example, construct house extensions for families that need more space. BDH Builders can also perform home renovations to restore the condition of tired, dilapidated properties. We can even build garden patios to bring your interior living space closer to the world outside.


So, when we suggest this addition to our blog is about loft conversions, it is to a degree. We just thought you’d want to know a little more about our most important building services while you’re here, and to discover how our building contractors and tradesmen transform Stevenage homes.


Let’s start with home renovations, which is very much a standalone topic.


Home Renovations


Keep in mind that house extensions are physical builds, and that loft conversions are exactly that; something that turns one thing into something else. Home renovations involve the repair, updating and redecorating of properties in various states of dilapidation. The work involved may include structural repairs, retrofitting, plastering, rendering and painting. In some cases, a renovation might cover the repair or reinstatement of outdoor features, such as driveways or garden patios.


One thing that stays consistent with home renovations in Stevenage is our results.


Our building contractors turn properties in disrepair into stylish, attractive and practical homes. We bring a wide range of skills to your project. Should you need carpenters and joiners, or plumbers and electricians, we’ll supply them. BDH Builders has a local network of contractors with the relevant trade qualifications.


Home renovations in Stevenage add value to your initial investment, or they turn the original visions you had when buying a rundown property into somewhere wonderful to live.


House Extensions


A family with dwindling living space might not want to move away from a nice neighbourhood, lose a place in a good school catchment area or leave those precious memories behind. House extensions offer a way to optimise available land space around a property, often an area that others might use for lawns, for driveways or for garden patios. A sacrifice in garden space might not be for everybody, but the added interior space people gain from house extensions usually makes that sacrifice worthwhile.


Extensions are the perfect option for homeowners in the Stevenage area who don’t have the attic space available to opt for one of our loft conversions instead.


Our building contractors can build house extensions in a choice of side, rear-facing and wraparound styles, and over one or more storeys. It’s best to think of extensions as physical builds, not as home renovations, because the work involves adding something new to the property – not renovating, refurbishing or converting something that already exists.


House extensions in Stevenage add significant resale value to a home, help owners to avoid moving costs and bigger mortgages, deliver room space that makes modern living easier, and keep families in the properties or neighbourhoods they love.


Loft Conversions


Because loft conversions make good use of space that already exists, there’s never a need to sacrifice part of the garden, or practical hard landscaping features such as driveways or garden patios. In fact, most homeowners in the Stevenage area underuse their loft space anyway. The attic is a place for storing unused household items, a few sentimental belongings that no longer see the light of day, and maybe a few old Christmas decorations. It seems a waste not to put all of that underused space to practical use.


Loft conversions tend to be less intrusive to homeowners than house extensions. Much of the work takes place through the roof, so there is less need for our building contractors to be inside your home or around it.


We can build loft conversions in dormer, mansard and hip-to-gable styles.


It is often worthwhile tying loft conversions and home renovations together, and to update Stevenage properties in ways that makes them practical for the future, not just for today. BDH Builders can create a new room, with space you already have, for use as an additional bedroom, a home office, a play area for the children or even something as desirable as a man cave or a games room.

We said we’d get to the subject of loft conversions eventually, and we did!


Garden Patios


This far, we have spoken about home renovations, house extensions and loft conversions for properties in Stevenage, but what can homeowners do if they want to extend their living space into the outside world? We don’t always want to stay cooped up indoors, particularly during the warmer summer months when there’s all too little time to be outside soaking up those rare afternoons of sunshine or spending time with the family on a welcome day away from work.


Garden patios are a physical addition to the living space inside your Stevenage property. Laid in front of patio or French doors, they bring room and outdoor space together to turn the home and the garden into one stylish and sociable area.


Our building contractors can lay garden patios using traditional flagstones, concrete or block paving; the latter of which only requires minimal uplifting in the event of future underground works.


Garden patios give families somewhere to relax, eat or socialise, and provide them with a welcome break from their busy lifestyles. They also boost kerb appeal and, when factored into a structured hard landscaping theme, they can increase the resale value of Stevenage properties too.

If you live in Stevenage and would like to know more about the benefits our building contractors can provide for you, please call us on 07875 699 820.