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From Loft Conversions to House Extensions in Stevenage | A Genuinely Local Company

While our services take us across Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, BDH Builders calls Stevenage home. We apply the same dedication and tireless work ethic to every client, but when it comes to your property improvement and development work, choosing local building contractors delivers various benefits. Projects such as home renovations, loft conversions and house extensions represent huge undertakings, so taking measures to minimise stress and concern makes perfect sense. This even applies to smaller-scale work such as garden patios, garden fencing and minor property alterations.


Below, we have taken a closer look at some of the advantages that come with choosing us as your local building contractors for projects of any size in the Stevenage area.


Benefits of Choosing Local Building Contractors


Local Connections


Our team shares more than a decade of trade and industry experience. From garden patios to house extensions, and from home renovations to loft conversions, we have completed all manner of projects multiple times. As a result, we have established a strong, trusted network of suppliers and subcontractors who we personally vouch for. Quite simply, we only work with individuals and companies who match our own demanding standards for customer service and workmanship.


This network includes sourcing our materials from suppliers who offer us, and by extension our clients, the ideal balance of affordability and quality. Partnerships with these other local companies also ensure we receive delivery of materials for garden patios, fencing or any other service comfortably ahead of time.


Local References


Naturally, as Stevenage-based building contractors, we have completed countless projects in our local community over the years. Be it home renovations, loft conversions or house extensions, we have a proven track record in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors, as demonstrated by our many glowing testimonials.


We understand that first-hand accounts from previous clients and photographic evidence of results play a vital role when it comes to choosing building contractors. Due to the size of the investment in such projects, from garden patios to full property refurbishments, nothing should be left to chance. As such, we proudly have a wide range of local references and testimonials in the local area, something that offers our clients the ultimate peace of mind.


Local Knowledge


The team at BDH Builders also knows Stevenage itself incredibly well. These often-small touches help to keep our services ticking along smoothly. They include knowing the traffic hotspots to avoid during rush hour, being aware of any height and weight restrictions on roads as well as a general understanding of the quickest routes around town without the reliance of GPS.


This local knowledge helps us to arrive on time, every time and keep things moving forward in line with stated timescales. This keeps delays and disruptions to an absolute minimum, letting our personnel focus on the garden patios, home renovations, loft conversions or house extensions at hand.

If you live in Stevenage and would like more information about loft conversions, house extensions or any of our other services, call 07875 699 820.